Nurturing Hearts

A place of Healing, Transformation, & Empowerment

James Baldwin

“Not everything that can be faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed that is not faced.”

Dear Teenage Girl,

Does this sound like you? 

  • You worry about everything and it sucks so bad. You can’t control it no matter what you do. 


  • You have felt like you lost control and were going to die. You were breathing fast, shaking, and were so freaking scared. 


  • You often feel sad or down. Sometimes you hate your life. Nothing seems to go right. You give people an attitude. You might feel guilty a lot or for no reason at all. 


  • Some messed up things happened to you. You think about them a lot, feel scared, but can’t talk about it… with anyone. 


  • You can’t stand when people look at you, you feel like people are thinking messed up things about you. You feel like you’re going to do something stupid and embarrass yourself. 


  • School stresses you out. You can’t keep up with the work, you worry about your grades, or you can’t stand it period. 


  • Your family is messed up, drives you crazy, or they just don’t get you. 

Don’t worry I got your back. 

  Ladies, can you relate?


  • Life feels like never-ending problems. Every time you turn around it’s something… You can’t take it! 


  • You worry often and can’t seem to relax no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if someone says “relax” you want to, know you should, but just can’t.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to breathe, your heart races, and you feel like you’re dying or going crazy. You can’t take this feeling and hope it never happens again. 


  • Relationships are difficult. Maybe it’s hard for you to trust people, talk to people, or you’re just unhappy with family, friends, or your partner. 


  • Sometimes you feel like things are never going to get better. What’s the use in trying? You feel sad or unhappy (maybe for no reason at all). Maybe you feel guilty, don’t like yourself, or your energy is low. 


  • You’ve been through some horrible things in your life and feel alone. It’s hard to talk about it to people because they don’t understand and you feel uncomfortable. 


  • You don’t feel good about yourself. You are negative towards yourself and put yourself down. 

You can get through it.


Nurturing Hearts Therapeutic Services

Making changes in life takes courage and is not easy. In fact, it can feel incredibly scary and be a difficult journey to navigate on your own.
But what if you had someone you could trust — someone you could talk to who did not judge you, who offered support, acceptance, compassion, and respect — someone who had your back? Can you imagine how much easier that would be?

Hello, I’m Melissa Wetherington. I can be that person for you. Give me your hand, and let’s take this next step together on the path to healing and transformation.

A place of Healing, Transformation, & Empowerment

”I am a licensed mental health therapist (aka an LPC) and the owner of Nurturing Hearts Therapeutic Services — a practice based on trust and compassion as its foundation, a practice born out of my vision to create a safe, warm, and nurturing place where people can explore what it is to feel whole, healthy, and happy. My goal is to help you make the changes you want to make so you can reach your fullest potential.”

~ Melissa ~

“If you nurture your

mind, body, and spirit,

 your time will expand.

 You will gain a new

perspective that will

allow you to accomplish

much more.”

~ Brian Koslow ~

 Let me be your travel buddy on this journey. I have a passion in my heart to help you heal. I believe in you!